Legal outsourcing. Subscriber legal support of business by lawyers in Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkiv

Legal Business Support

Legal Business Support (outsourcing) is the provision of a wide range of legal services to firms on a permanent basis and the solution of legal issues that arise during the company's operation.

Legal Business Support Services:

  • legal advice and preparation of legal opinions;
  • preparation of legal material, legal analysis of legal documents, company's constituent documents, contracts and other documents;
  • development of legal documents and contracts, legal analysis of documents and provision of recommendations on amendments to documents and on legal risks, drafting letters of inquiry to state authorities and local self-government bodies;
  • legal support of real estate transactions and corporate rights;
  • representation of interests in administrative and controlling state bodies, protection in the course of tax audit;
  • representation at negotiations with contractors, preparation of documents;
  • registration of a company, representation of a foreign company, making changes to the constituent documents of the company;
  • legal perspective forecast, legal opinion preparation, claim work and preparation of recommendations;
  • debt collection and arbitration;
  • lawyer's services and so on.

business registration

The Law Firm offers cooperation in the following forms: conclusion of a contract for permanent legal business support; ordering legal services with payment for the hours of work of a lawyer; legal services at fixed cost.

intellectual property

After signing a contract for legal business support, a responsible lawyer is assigned to a client, who carries out legal support and coordination of other lawyers of the company in the interests of the client; the client appoints an authorized person to engage with a law firm and a responsible lawyer; communication and information transfer is carried out by convenient means of communication or through personal meeting.

legal support of real estate transactions

The customer can choose the optimal package of legal business support services that is needed. Legal business support services include integrated legal support, with the exception of legal services with a fixed cost. Contract for legal services is concluded for a period of not less than 3 months. Payment is made in the form of prepayment for the next month. At the end of each month, a written work report is provided to the client .

English speaking lawyer

According to the contract for legal business support services, there is no representation of interests in court, support at the stage of enforcement proceedings, representation of the interests of the company before third parties. These legal services are provided on the basis of separate contracts.

immigration law

By cooperating with our law firm, the client gains the following benefits: lower costs for the creation and maintenance of additional jobs and lawyers; these costs are included in the expenses when determining the taxable base; qualification of legal company employee is higher than qualification of full-time lawyer; the client receives a guarantee of timely receipt of professional legal assistance; the client is assigned a personal responsible attorney.

debt collection from firms

Legal business support services in Ukraine provides our clients with an opportunity to contact at any time, as well as on weekends and holidays.


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