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Visa in the USA, visa application in the USA,  visa services


Law Firm Rubicon since May 2018 does not provide legal services and legal services to a lawyer in the US. Our American lawyers now do not provide clients with legal services and legal assistance in the US.


The Law Firm now provides legal services, legal services for lawyers, consulting services abroad in such countries as Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, France, Great Britain, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Israel, Australia, Switzerland, and our lawyers and other specialists render the following legal services to clients abroad:


You decided to go to the USA, work in the USA, come to the US to register a marriage, with the aim of family reunification, want to do business in the US or invest money in the US economy, you are an outstanding personality, athlete, artist and want to emigrate to the US, you have The need for immigration to the United States for religious or political reasons, want to obtain refugee status in the US, you won the Green Card Lottery, you need treatment in the USA, you want to study in the USA, your goal is a tourist trip or a trip to visit - our imitation Jurassic The estates will provide you with legal services and escorts when preparing the necessary documents for obtaining a visa to the United States.
Immigrant visas to the USA
Visa Term of validity
K-1, the bride's visa or the bride's visa 3 months
Н-1, working visa 3 years
L-1, business visa from 1 year
O-1, a visa for individuals for outstanding achievements  3 years
Р1, visa for athletes and artists up to 2 years
R-1, religious visa 2,5 years
ЕB-1 Green Card constant constant
ЕB-2 / EB-3 Green Card constant
EB-5 investor visa 2 years
Refugee status - ASYLUM constant
Political asylum - Refugee constant
Not US immigrant visas
Visa Term of validity
Business visa 10 years
Н-1, working visa 3 years
Visa for treatment 10 years
Tourist visa 10 years
Student visa 10 years
Visitor Visa 10 years
We also provide additional services in the US: legal services in the US, immigration to the United States, legal support for real estate transactions, obtaining documents, apostille and legalization of documents, registration of companies in the United States, translation agency services and more.

Contacting our Law Firm, you receive legal assistance from qualified immigration lawyers and other professionals.


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