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Mediation in the legal practice is a technology for pre-trial settlement of disputes with participation of a third party, called mediator. Mediator - is an always respected organization which is neutral with respect to the parties of the conflict.
Mediation is an alternative to the judicial process. The need for such legal service in modern conditions is increasing, as participants of the conflicts are very often interested in the most efficient, mutually beneficial and confidential settlement of the problems. In this case, they just need the services of a mediator.
Due to its professionalism and credibility, the law firm quite often acts as a mediator in the resolution of civil and commercial disputes and provides confidentiality, mutual respect, equality of the parties, maintaining a neutral and impartial position. To achieve fastest and most mutually beneficial agreement of both parties, our lawyers will provide all the preparatory work.
The staff of the law firm have showed themselves as brilliant experts on the settlement of the various conflicts that arise in the economic sphere (business conflicts, corporate relations, the problems in the relationship between banks and insurance companies, copyright, etc.), and the resolution of the entire spectrum of civil disputes (divorce, property division, custody over the child).

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