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The Law Firm Rubicon provides legal services and legal services to a lawyer in Krakow and other Polish cities, in Ukraine and abroad. Need a Lawyer in Krakow?

Legal Services in Krakow:

  • Legal Advice of a Lawyer in Krakow
  • Lawyer in Krakow: civil law, commercial law, inheritance, insurance law, business law, administrative law, corporate law, arbitration, preparation of legal documents and conduct of legal cases in a court in Krakow. Execution of decisions of the Polish court and execution of decisions of foreign courts in Poland
  • Criminal Lawyer in Krakow, criminal defense
  • Services of a Lawyer to Foreigners in Krakow (services are provided in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English)
  • Notary in Krakow and notary services (powers of attorney, applications, real estate transactions and corporate rights)
  • Inheritance. Registration of inheritance in Krakow for an apartment, house, land, car, business
  • Legal Support of Real Rstate Transactions in Krakow, property check, transactions with residential and commercial real estate, services for buying real estate in Krakow
  • Registration of a Company in Krakow, registration of a branch, registration of a foreign representative office of the company; sale of firms in Krakow, legal support of business purchase; liquidation of firms and bankruptcy, Accounting Services for Companies in Krakow, financial and tax accounting
  • Registration and Protection of Intellectual Property in Krakow, copyright
  • Debt Collection in Krakow from business and individuals, arbitration and mediation
  • Legal Lupport of Firms in Krakow, subscriber legal service of firms and business, tax consulting and optimization of taxation in Poland
  • Translation Agency in Krakow, interpretation and translation, interpreter services, more than 20 foreign languages, document restoration in Poland, apostille and consular legalization of documents
  • Business Immigration to Poland through business registration in Poland (residence permit)
  • Immigration to Ukraine (registration of a residence permit).

The legal assistance of a lawyer in Krakow is one of the main directions of the services of a law firm. Do you need legal services in Krakow? - Call Us!

Professional legal services and lawyers' assistance are at very high demand in Krakow. Attorneys and lawyers of [our] legal company in Krakow are skilled professionals and lawyers with a great experience at the area of Polish legal system and international business laws. When a legal problem occurs, counseling with an experienced lawyer will help to produce a correct legal answer to issues associated with Polish law system, and to choose the optimal way of solving a legal situation. Polish lawyers and attorneys provide legal services for foreigners in Krakow.


Quite often clients in Krakow need the assistance of a lawyer for criminal cases: murder, forgery of documents, fraud, bodily harm, robbery, illegal drugs-associated offences, hooliganism, theft, vehicle theft, extortion, smuggling, rape, banditry, firearms-associated crime, road accidents with affected persons, and for other offences. Criminal cases lawyer in Krakow provides legal services on defense advocacy in police and in court according to criminal law system of Poland. Road accident lawyer in Krakow deals with issues that are associated with road accidents, representing interests of persons and companies, as well as provides legal services for administrative violations.


In addition, after road accidents, the assistance of a lawyer for insurance disputes in Krakow is often required, for resolving such issues as insurance payouts, various cases on real estate insurance, cargo insurance, and other issues, which are associated with Poland's insurance laws.


Family law attorney in Krakow provides legal assistance at such issues as termination of marriage and legal advice of divorce process, the partition of property of ex-spouses, child-support payments, paternity examination, development and signing the marriage agreement, and at other issues associated with family law of Poland.


Divorce attorney in Krakow will both organize legal hearings and legalize a divorce in Krakow. In addition, family attorney in Krakow will defend the client's interests in a maximum extent and will provide consulting on family law issues in Krakow. Civil lawyer in Krakow provides legal services on property partition between spouses and on other civil cases.


Inheritance legalization in Krakow is one of the areas of legal practice of our Polish lawyers. Inheritance lawyer in Krakow can legalize inheritance right in Poland, for apartment, house, land plot, business, vehicle and other items.


To be highlighted, is provision of legal assistance on real estate issues, and help of a lawyer on immovable property in Krakow, who provides legal services in the area of real estate and conducts legal backing of real-estate-associated contracts in Krakow. Notary services for various legal questions in Krakow are at high demand, and our specialists in Krakow provide such notarial services as: legalization of power of attorney for interests intermediation, inheritance legalization in Krakow, legal registration of business, notarial translation of documents, legal registration of contracts concerning real estate (commercial and residential), etc.


Business lawyer services in Krakow are provided by a lawyer who specializes on issues of running business in Poland, both for Polish and foreign companies. Corporation law solicitor in Krakow conducts registration and legal backing of businesses in Poland. Administrative law solicitor in Krakow provides services for companies on the issues of Polish administrative law. Business law solicitor in Krakow provides legal services on dispute resolution between companies in Poland. Customs lawyer in Krakow deals with the issues of Polish customs law, representing interests of physical persons and companies. Tax solicitor in Krakow deals with the legal issues associated with tax laws of Poland, and with optimization of taxes for businesses. 


Solicitor specializing on legal registration of businesses in Krakow provides legal services for Polish and abroad clients, and assists in registration of companies in Krakow.  Solicitor specializing on legal registration of businesses can also legally register a company in any place in Poland. Business-backing lawyer in Krakow provides services on legal backing of companies in Poland at various legal situations. In additions, the services can be provided on liquidation of companies in Krakow, either voluntary or via bankruptcy.


Immigration lawyer in Krakow provides immigration services in Poland for foreigners. Immigration-to-Poland solicitor provides legal services on the following issues: obtaining residence permit in Krakow, preparation of legal documents, obtaining the Polish citizenship, legalization of work invitation documents in Krakow, and obtaining of work visa in Krakow.


In addition, immigration solicitor in Krakow provides legal services on immigration to USA, Ukraine, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Romania.


Labor law solicitor in Krakow provides legal assistance in the issues associated with labor law system of Poland. The services of labor law solicitor in Krakow are directed at the protection of the legal rights of employee and employer. Labor lawyer in Krakow can help with settlement of labor conflicts via negotiations or in a court. Legal company in Poland carries out debt collection in Krakow, from physical persons and from companies, conducts regulation concerning debt obligations, and provides arbitrage services in debt issues. We conduct debt recoveries through pre-judicial procedures and through court.


Copyright legal registration services in Krakow are one of the key directions of [our] juridical activities in Poland. Those our lawyers in Krakow, who are specialized in the copyright field, provide legal defense from illegal use of copyright items, and legal registration of the rights of intellectual property in Poland; conduct collection and extraction of copyright royalties in Poland, as well as compensation of funds for illegal copyright use. Copyright solicitor in Krakow can assist in legal registration of trademark, logotype and other items of intellectual property in Krakow.


Our translators conduct legal translation of documents in Krakow and translation of texts in business areas. In addition, translation services are provided by foreign languages translation bureau in Krakow. Translation agency in Krakow provides written translation from/to 20 foreign languages. In addition, such service as notary certification of translated documents is provided in Krakow.


Moreover, we provide such service as discovery/evocation of documents in Krakow, from various authorities: birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, registrar's certificate, police clearance certificate, court judgment, as well as other documents. After the recovery of documents, if necessary, consular legalization of documents in Poland or apostille in Poland can be made.

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