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Ukraine, Kharkov, Poltavskyi Shliakh St., 31 (Legal Office)

Law Firm Rubicon provides clients with a complex of consulting and legal services in Kharkov, Kharkov Region, in most regions of Ukraine and abroad. Kharkov attorneys provide legal services to a lawyer in Kharkov in Russian and in English

Do you need a lawyer in Kharkov?

Legal advice of a lawyer.

Law Firm Services in Kharkov:

  • Legal Advice of a Lawyer in Kharkov
  • Lawyer in Kharkov and defense in court: arbitration law, civil law, insurance law, housing law, customs law, labor law, hereditary law, economic, administrative law, corporate  law, appeal of court decisions
  • Family Lawyer in Kharkov: divorce, property division, adoption, alimony
  • Criminal Lawyer in Kharkov, protection of interests in criminal cases in court, police and other authorities: murder, rape, robbery, drugs, bribery, hooliganism, bodily injury, theft, forgery, fraud, theft of vehicles, extortion, smuggling, burglary, illicit trafficking in weapons, traffic accidents, attorney for road traffic accident in Kharkov
  • Legal Services for Foreigners in Kharkov
  • Notary in Kharkov (statement, registration of power of attorney, transaction)
  • Inheritance Lawyer in Kharkov. Inheritance registration, Inheritance law
  • Support of the Real Estate Transactions in Kharkov: real estate checking, ownership, real estate appraisal and sale, transactions with residential and commercial real estate, termination of contracts
  • Registration of a Firm in Kharkov, a representative office of a foreign company, of an entrepreneur, legal support of business in Kharkov 
  • Registration and Protection of Intellectual Property in Kharkov (brand name, trademark). Copyright
  • Liquidation of Firms and bankruptcy
  • Collection of Debts in Kharkov
  • Translation Agency in Kharkov (interpreting and translation of documents), request for duplicate documents (certificate), apostille and legalization
  • Immigration Services in Kharkov, residence permit and citizenship and other services. 

Legal protection and assistance of a lawyer in Kharkov. Do you need legal services in Kharkov? – Call now!

Kharkov lawyers from our law company apply their professional legal knowledge qualitatively and provide legal assistance in Kharkov for Kharkov dwellers and foreign citizens. Nowadays, professional legal services in Kharkov and services of a good lawyer in Kharkov are vin great demand. Therefore, the team of specialists of the law company in Kharkov are the graduated attorneys and professional lawyers. Within the framework of the powers granted by the legislation of Ukraine, lawyers will prepare a attorney's inquiry in Kharkov and send it to the authorities of interest.

Do you need legal advice of a lawyer?

The first thing you have to start with in case of a legal situation is a legal advice of a lawyer in Kharkov. Only a consultation of an experienced lawyer in Kharkov will give a correct legal answer to many legal questions and determine the best ways to resolve a legal issue.


After a legal consultation, you will know which services of a lawyer in Kharkov and what amount of services you will need.


We should specially note the assistance of a lawyer in criminal cases in Kharkov for various types of crimes: unintentional and intentional homicide, bodily harm of various severity, rape, robbery, illicit trafficking in weapons, drug trafficking, bribery, hooliganism, theft, forgery of documents, fraud, theft of motor vehicles, extortion, smuggling, traffic accidents and other types of crimes. A lawyer in criminal cases in Kharkov protects interests in courts. Only a professional criminal lawyer in Kharkov can fully protect the interests of the suspect, accused, defendant or victim.


An advocate for road traffic accident in Kharkov resolves problem situations related to motor transport administrative incidents and criminal cases. Vehicle attorney in Kharkiv provides effective legal protection within administrative proceedings in cases of administrative offenses.


Often, when a traffic accident occurs, it becomes necessary to use services related to insurance, and here the services of a lawyer for insurance disputes in Kharkov will be indispensable. Also, the services of an insurance lawyer in Kharkov are in demand in matters of insurance of real estate, cargo, business and other insurance issues.


The lawyer for family affairs in Kharkov will provide legal assistance and will carry out a divorce, legal accompaniment of divorce proceeding: divorce between citizens of Ukraine, a divorce with a foreigner, the division of property of the former spouses and disputes over alimony, determining the order of participation in upbringing of the child. An attorney for divorce in Kharkov and for family affairs will hold a trial without the consent of one of the spouses, as well as conduct a divorce in Kharkov without the presence of parties. Also, a family lawyer in Kharkov will achieve the maximum protection of interests for the benefit of the client. Finally, the consultation of family lawyer in Kharkov will not be amiss.


A lawyer for civil cases in Kharkov will provide legal assistance in division of property, recognition of property rights and other categories of civil cases. Of great importance is the provision of legal aid on real estate and assistance of real estate lawyer in Kharkov and on the housing law, who provides services in the field of real estate, land, and provides legal support of transactions with real estate in Kharkov. 


Services that are relevant today  - settlement of credit obligations by a lawyer, who specializes in matters of judicial and extra-judicial settlement of credit obligations and litigation with banks in Kharkov, in matters of banking law, collection of deposits from problem banks, termination and recognition of loan agreements as invalid.


Labor law lawyer in Kharkov provides legal services related to labor relations of employer and employee, as well as on issues of legal relations with regulatory bodies in the field of labor law. The legal relations on pension law and social security of employees are also closely related directly to labor relations. Frequently, namely the services of pension lawyer in Kharkov are intended to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the employee and ensure his or her future. Pension attorney in Kharkov will help in granting a pension via the court. Pension lawyer in Kharkov will obtain a court decision on the recalculation of the pension, appeal against the actions of the Pension Fund on the appointment and calculation of pensions.


We should specially note the services of a business lawyer in Kharkov. A lawyer and barrister in Kharkov specialized in business issues provides services for Ukrainian and foreign firms and entrepreneurs. Corporate law attorney in Kharkov provides legal services related to the registration, support, purchase and sale of business. Lawyer for administrative disputes in Kharkov and for administrative law provides services to the business related to issues of administrative law and relations with state and supervisory bodies. Commercial law attorney in Kharkov and for commercial litigation deals with the settlement of disputes between business entities. Customs attorney in Kharkov deals with the questions related to issues arising in the process of moving goods and services through the customs territory of Ukraine. Tax attorney in Kharkov will guidance in the issues of tax law, and will also help to choose the most preferable form of business taxation and provide services on tax optimization in Ukraine.


Business registration lawyer in Ukraine will help to register a firm, enterprise or representative of a foreign company in Ukraine. Lawyer for the registration of firm in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv, Dnepr, Lutsk will help to register LLC, JSC for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners. Business support lawyer in Kharkov provides legal support services to the firms in Kharkov on a variety of legal issues. We also provide services of dissolution of the firms in Kharkov, arbitration manager services in Kharkov in matters of the shutdown of the firms and entrepreneurs. Business dissolution attorney in Kharkov provides services of business liquidation on a voluntary basis and through bankruptcy of a firm.


A separate direction of legal services is debt collection in Kharkov, collection of indebtedness from the counterparties, settlement of debt obligations and arbitration, where the subjects of debt legal relations are legal entities and citizens. Our lawyers provide legal services for the enforcement of court decisions in Kharkov and support the enforcement proceeding.


We provide copyright registration services in Kharkov and protect intellectual property. Patent attorney in Kharkov will provide copyright registration services, and copyright protection lawyer in Ukraine and for intellectual property issues will provide protection services against the violation and illegal use of the copyright objects. We will help to register a trademark in Kharkov, brand name and other intellectual property objects, and receive a certificate for a trademark, brand name or patent.


Attorneys and lawyers provide legal services for foreigners in Kharkov in English and other foreign languages. We perform legal translation of the documents in Kharkov. Translation agency in Kharkov performs written translation in Kharkov and translators carry out interpretation in Kharkov from and to over 35 foreign languages. When performing a translation, very often we provide a service — notarization of translated of documents in Kharkov.


Service that is relevant today - document retrieval in Kharkov. We provide services for obtaining documents from a Civil Registry Office, from an archive, from a court. Documents that we obtain: birth, death, marriage certificates from a Civil Registry Office in Kharkov, extract from the register of a Civil Registry Office in Kharkov, registrar's certificate from the Kharkov Archive, criminal history clearance, court decision, diploma of education and other documents. Very often, after the receiving, legalization of the documents in Kharkov is required for their submission abroad. We carry out the following types of legalization of the documents: apostille in Kharkov, consular legalization of documents in Kharkov, certification of documents by an accredited translator in Kharkov.


Immigration lawyer in Kharkov provides services to foreigners on immigration to Ukraine. Immigration services in Kharkov are provided by a professional legal counsel and lawyer for an immigration into Ukraine. We provide assistance in the following immigration issues: registration of residence permission in Kharkov, preparation of necessary documents, obtaining of citizenship in Kharkov, preparation of an invitation for the foreigner and registration of work visa in Kharkov. Additionally, an immigration attorney in Kharkov provides services for the immigration into the USA, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Romania.


Notary services in Kharkov are inseparable from the legal services, and very often the lawyer works on different legal issues together with the notary. Notary in Kharkov will issue a power of attorney for judicial representation of interests and for other legal actions, will formalize the inheritance, register business, assure the written translation of the document, execute the transaction of purchase and sale of the real estate and other.


Formalization of inheritance in Kharkov is a separate type of legal services and has its own distinctions. The succession lawyer in Kharkov will formalize an inheritance by law and by testament for an apartment, a house, land, business, copyrights, bank account. Succession law has its own distinctions in formalization of inheritance to the Ukrainian citizen and to a foreign citizen. Important is the optimization of taxation when formalizing the inheritance in Kharkov.


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