Lawyer in Kharkov, law firm, legal advice, legal services

Lawyer in Kharkov, law firm, legal advice, legal services

Ukraine, Kharkov, Poltavskyi Shliakh St., 31

Law Firm Rubicon provides clients with the full range of legal services of a lawyer in Kharkov, Kharkov region, in most regions of Ukraine and abroad.


Do you need a lawyer in Kharkov, legal advice of a lawyer? - Legal services in Kharkov:

  • Legal advice of a lawyer in Kharkov
  • Lawyer in Kharkov, protection of interests in court: civil law, family law, housing law and real estate, labor law, inheritance law, insurance law, business law, administrative law, customs law, corporate law and arbitration, conduct of cases in a court in Kharkov
  • Сriminal lawyer in Kharkov, defense in criminal cases in court, police, prosecutor's office: murder, rape, robbery, drugs, forgery of documents, fraud, car theft, smuggling, weapons, road accidents and other crimes
  • Lawyer on road accident in Kharkov
  • Lawyer for loans in Kharkov
  • Legal services for foreigners in Kharkov (services are provided in English)
  • Notary in Kharkov (power of attorney, application, transaction)
  • Registration of the inheritance in Kharkov (real estate, car and other objects)
  • Legal support of real estate transactions in Kharkov: ownership, transactions with residential and commercial real estate, construction of real estate, real estate sales, mortgage of real estate, termination of contracts
  • Registration of a companies in Kharkov, an entrepreneur, a representative office of a foreign company
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property and copyright in Kharkov (certificate for a trademark)
  • Liquidation of firms (voluntary liquidation, urgent liquidation and bankruptcy)
  • Debt collection in Kharkov
  • Legal support of business in Kharkov
  • Translation agency in Kharkov
  • Apostille and legalization of documents
  • Reclamation of repeated documents
  • Residence permit in Ukraine
  • Immigration abroad in the USA, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and other services.
Do you want to use legal services in Kharkov? - Call now!
Kharkov lawyers of our law company provide legal assistance in Kharkov for citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens. Recently, professional legal services in Kharkov and the services of a good lawyer in Kharkiv are very much in demand. Our lawyers are diploma and professional lawyers with experience in various areas of law.
In the legal situation, first of all, legal advice is needed for a lawyer in Kharkov. Legal advice of a professional lawyer in Kharkov will answer many legal questions and answer how to solve a legal problem. After legal advice, you will find out what services of a lawyer in Kharkov you need.
The criminal lawyer in Kharkov defends various types of crimes: murder, bodily harm, rape, robbery, drug trafficking, bribery, hooliganism, theft, forgery of documents, fraud, car theft, extortion, smuggling, weapons, accidents and other crimes. The lawyer for criminal cases in Kharkov defends the client's interests in the police and the court. A lawyer in criminal law in Kharkov defends the interests of the offender or the victim.
A road accident lawyer in Kharkov provides services for transport administrative accidents and criminal cases on road accidents. An auto lawyer in Kharkov defends the client's interests in cases of administrative offenses and appeals against police decisions and fines.
When an accident is often needed, the services of an insurance lawyer in Kharkov on the issues of insurance law, which is provided by the lawyer for insurance matters in Kharkov. Insurance lawyer in Kharkiv also provides services related to insurance of real estate, cargo, business and other insurance matters.
The lawyer for family law in Kharkov provides legal assistance in family matters: divorce, division of property, alimony, paternity, deprivation of parental rights, adoption and other cases. A divorce lawyer in Kharkov will issue a divorce without the consent of one of the spouses, and will also hold a divorce in Kharkov without the presence of parties. A family lawyer in Kharkiv will maximally protect the interests of the client.
A lawyer in civil matters in Kharkov will provide legal assistance in the division of property, recognize the right of ownership and provide legal services on other issues of civil law and other categories of civil cases. Of great importance is the provision of legal assistance in matters of real estate and assistance of a real estate lawyer in Kharkov and housing law, which renders services in real estate, land and provides legal support for real estate transactions in Kharkov.
Actual are the services of a lawyer for loans in Kharkov. Credit counsel in Kharkov specializes in judicial and extrajudicial settlement of loan obligations, and in litigation with banks in Kharkov, as well as on banking law, the collection of deposits from banks, termination and the recognition of loan agreements as invalid.
Lawyer for labor law in Kharkov provides legal services related to labor relations of the employer and employee, as well as on issues of legal relations with supervisory bodies in the field of labor law. Relations with labor relations are closely related to the legal relationship on pension law and the social security of workers. The services of a lawyer on pension law in Kharkov are designed to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the employee and ensure his future future. A pension lawyer in Kharkov will help to appoint a pension through a court. A pension lawyer in Kharkiv will receive a court decision on the recalculation of pension, appeals against the actions of the pension fund on the appointment and calculation of pensions.


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The Law Firm Rubicon is a Ukrainian Law company. The company has a successful reputation and is trusted by customers. Lawyers of the law firm provide services in Ukraine and abroad. We provide legal services on different legal issues: legal advice, layer's services (cases of different categories), defense in court, business registration, debt collection, registration and copyright protection, legal services for business, immigration and others.



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