Marriage contract, marriage contract preparation in Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkiv

The marriage contract is concluded between the spouses in writing and certified by a notary. The marriage contract regulates the property relations of the spouses. A marriage contract can regulate property relations before marriage and after marriage.


A marriage contract is concluded between spouses or persons who have applied for marriage registration. The marriage contract comes into force on the day of the marriage registration.


Spouses in a marriage contract can determine:


  • procedure for the use of personal property of spouses for the benefit of the family
  • legal regime of property given to spouses during marriage registration
  • the lack of distribution of the acquired in the marriage status of the joint common property of the spouses (to determine the property by common property or personal property of one of the spouses)
  • the order of division of property and real estate in marriage or  at divorce
  • use of property to protect the interests of children
  • other conditions on property
  • the procedure for using property, the right to maintain, the procedure for obtaining and repaying loans, and other


When divorcing property is divided according to the terms of the marriage contract.


A marriage contract can be made in several languages.


The drafting of the marriage contract should be entrusted to the lawyer for family law.

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