Family lawyer in Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkiv

The lawyer for the family law provides legal services in family matters, allowing the client to use the services of a professional family lawyer and entrust him the protection of its interests when the need arises.
Types of family disputes whereby the lawyers of the firm provide services: dissolution of marriage through the court (divorce) or annulment of the marriage, division of the joint property acquired by the conjoints during marriage, recovery of the alimony, deprivation of parental rights in court, establishment of paternity through the court, child adoption, establishment of facts of legal significance and more.
Services of the family lawyer in Ukraine: legal advice, protection of interests of clients in court, participation in negotiations to resolve issues related to the divorce, preparation of settlement agreements, agreements on the payment of alimony, on the place of residence of the child, legal examination of legal documents, providing complete and accurate information on the order and the correctness of  application of the current legislation in specific situations, the development of the marital agreement.
Professional and timely legal advice of the family lawyer and legal support for family law will allow avoiding many negative problems.


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