Customs, customs law, customs lawyer, customs dispute in Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkiv

The lawyer for customs law provides legal services to companies and private persons on issues of the customs law, issues on movement of goods through the customs territory of Ukraine, the issues of accrual of penalties.


Customs lawyer in Ukraine provides the following legal services: interest intermediation and protection in court towards the customs in the consideration of customs disputes on administrative and criminal cases, appeal against unlawful actions of customs authorities and claims for payment of the customs payments, support on issues of return of customs payments and duties, legal examination of documents (contracts, commercial and other documents), development and preparation of draft contracts, foreign economic contracts, consultations on the issues of currency regulation, collection of information, data and evidence within the framework of the customs dispute, offset and refund of the overpaid customs payments, identification of the customs risks in the export and import of goods, assistance in the preparation of documents for clearance of goods at customs, services of customs broker, shipper and storage of goods in a customs warehouse, document translation in the translation agency, the lawyer defense in criminal cases in the sphere of violation of customs legislation.

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