Criminal Lawyer in Kharkov in criminal cases, criminal law in Kharkov, Kiev, Ukraine

Criminal Lawyer in Kharkov

The lawyer in criminal cases in Kharkov is a specialist in the criminal law of Ukraine and the criminal process. A criminal lawyer in Ukraine has a certificate for practicing law and provides legal services to citizens and protection in criminal cases for various criminal crimes. 

Services of a Lawyer in a Criminal Case in Kharkov:

  • legal advice of a lawyer in criminal cases in Kharkov;
  • meeting with the suspect and the accused in the criminal case in the course of the investigation of the criminal case;
  • examination of the materials of the criminal case, the record of the trial and the indictment;
  • participation in investigative actions and during interrogation;
  • defense in court in a criminal case;
  • collection of evidence in a criminal case;
  • drafting and filing an appeal against the verdict of a court in a criminal case;
  • services of an English speaking lawyer in criminal cases in Kharkov.

Experience of conducting criminal cases in Kharkov:





Car Theft







Road Accidents



Criminal lawyer services in Kharkov are located on the territory of the entire Kharkov region and in other regions of Ukraine.
As a defender in the criminal case in Kharkov, a lawyer with a certificate of the right to practice as a lawyer in Ukraine, who is an expert in criminal law in Ukraine, is a criminal lawyer in Ukraine.

Criminal Lawyer in Ukraine

A criminal lawyer is allowed to participate in a criminal case at any stage of the criminal process. The suspect, the accused, the defendant may have several criminal lawyers. We can provide the client with an English speaking lawyer in criminal cases or the services of an English translator in Ukraine.

Criminal Lawyer in Kiev

A lawyer for criminal law in Kharkov and Ukraine has no right to disclose the legal secret, information about the client and the criminal case.

lawyer services in Ukraine

Also, our lawyers provide legal services for businesses and citizens in Ukraine for other categories of cases.
You do not need to defend yourself on a criminal case? This is a big mistake. Only a professional criminal lawyer can properly protect your interests in court and police.


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