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Criminal cases lawyer - is a specialist in the field of the criminal law of Ukraine, which has a Certificate to practice law, provide private legal services and conducts the defense in criminal cases. Our criminal cases lawyers have experience of conducting criminal cases in such categories: murder, bodily injury, rape, robbery, burglary, theft, drugs, bribery, forgery, fraud, vehicle theft, extortion, smuggling and more.
The criminal lawyer is allowed to participate in a criminal case at any stage of the criminal process. A suspect, accused person or defendant may have several lawyers. If necessary, we are able to provide our clients with services of English speaking lawyer or interpreter services.
The lawyer for criminal law in Ukraine may not disclose information which became known to him in connection with the performance of official duties as a lawyer.
In case of a criminal case should not be engaged in amateur performance and to look for a cheaper lawyer. The success of the investigation and criminal proceedings - is an experienced criminal lawyer who has practical experience in the investigation of criminal cases, as well as positive results when working on criminal cases.


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The Law Firm Rubicon is a Ukrainian Law company. The company has a successful reputation and is trusted by customers. Lawyers of the law firm provide services in Ukraine and abroad. We provide legal services on different legal issues: legal advice, layer's services (cases of different categories), defense in court, business registration, debt collection, registration and copyright protection, legal services for business, immigration and others.



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