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RUBIKON is an international legal project created on the basis of the International Law Firm Rubicon. International Law Firm Rubicon has a large international legal network of partner offices in Ukraine and abroad. The law firm renders legal services in all regions of Ukraine, in 700 cities of Ukraine and abroad in more than 30 countries of the world. Law Firm Rubicon has established partnering relationships in the areas of the company’s activities with legal and law firms, consulting companies and agencies abroad. Our partners are more than 100 law firms in Ukraine and abroad, more than 300 private lawyers in other countries. Most of our legal partners abroad (more than 70%) are English-speaking lawyers. Our lawyers provide professional legal services for businesses and individuals.

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Services and practices of the International Law Firm: court practice and litigation resolution, legal support of business, sale of business, tax law and tax optimization, private international law, real estate and transactions with commercial and residential real estate, family law, criminal law, commercial and trade law, contract law, transactions with corporate rights, debt collection, customs law, intellectual property law, labor law, migration law, tenders, inheritance law, international arbitration, business law, land law and real estate, administrative law, corporate law and business registration, M&A, business liquidation and bankruptcy and so on.

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Our goal - Professional legal services of the International Law Firm for the clients in different countries and regardless of the client location.

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