Offices of a Law Firm in Cities of Ukraine

Offices of a Law Firm in Cities of Ukraine

In 2018, Law Firm Rubicon reorganized all offices in Ukraine and legal offices abroad. More than 150 Ukrainian lawyers in all regional centers of Ukraine provide legal services in Ukrainian, Russian, English and other languages. Our Ukrainian lawyers provide legal services to clients in Ukraine through the сompany offices in cities:


Kharkov   Kiev   


Poltava   Sumy   Dnipro   Zaporozhye   Odessa   Kherson   Nikolaev

Chernigov   Zhytomyr   Cherkasy   Kropyvnytskyi

Vinnitsa   Lutsk   Lviv   Rivne   Khmelnitsky   Ternopol

Chernovtsy   Uzhgorod   Ivano-Frankivsk


on affairs in temporarily occupied territories:

Donetsk and Donetsk region   Lugansk and Lugansk region   Crimea (Sevastopol and Simferopol)


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Lawyers in Ukraine: 

Kharkov    Kiev
other cities

Lawyers abroad: 

Ukraine Turkey
Spain Czech Republic
Poland other countries












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