Certification of translation by a notary in Kharkiv and Kiev

Notarization of translation of a document makes a document legally effective, whereas the translated document has the same legal effectiveness as the original document.

Notarization of translation includes processing of official documents originally prepared in a foreign language, so that they could further be submitted to official authorities of another country. This is the type of services available at the offices of our translation agency in KharkivKiev and other cities.

A translator who performs translation of documents must be a licensed professional. During notarization of a translated document a notary certifies authenticity of a translator’s signature in Ukraine, whereas a translator must be present in person.
In Ukraine only translation of official documents can be notarized.
In order for a legal document to be accepted in a particular country, a notary must take into account all peculiarities of document processing and preparation as well as all the requirements set by diplomatic missions of foreign countries.
For example, certain petitions and such documents as a power of attorney may contain not only first name, last name and patronymic name stated in a passport, but also foreign equivalents of these names. In legal documents it is not allowed to shorten or abbreviate first, last or patronymic names. The date when a document was prepared should be stated either at the beginning or in the end of a document. One must include the name of a particular authority being petitioned.
Notaries can prepare the following documents:

  • a residence permit for permanent residency abroad;
  • a parental permit allowing an underage child to travel abroad;
  • a parental permit allowing a child to marry a foreign citizen;
  • a parental permit allowing third parties to adopt a child.

Documents that cannot be legalized are photo identification documents such as:

  • personal ID card;
  • driving license;
  • passport;
  • pensioner ID card;
  • military ID card;
  • employment record book;
  • many other documents.

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