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Welcome to the official website of the International Law Firm Rubicon. We will be your reliable partner and answer all your questions!

Lawyer Services

Rubicon Law Firm is an International Iaw Firm that provides reliable legal protection of clients' interests, provides legal and consulting services for citizens and business in legal matters since 2009.

Business Registration

The Law Firm Rubicon provides a wide range of legal services to private and corporate clients, and it provides effective legal protection of clients. We help clients in solving legal matters and provide professional legal services.

Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions

The Law Firm Rubicon is a team of professional lawyers who have many years of legal experience and provide professional legal services. Lawyers of the legal company are members of professional legal associations.

Lawyer for Family Law and Divorce

We have established a large partner legal network in Ukraine and abroad in more than 30 countries. Our partners: more than 100 law firms in Ukraine and abroad, more than 300 private lawyers abroad.

Lawyer for Business Support

Our work is founded on adhering to the professional ethics when working with clients, which implies: honesty and respect towards the client, providing complete information to the client, implementing full confidentiality.

Criminal Lawyer

International Law Firm Rubicon is an international law firm with professional lawyers who specialize in providing various legal services in Ukraine and abroad.

Lawyer for Intellectual Property

Our lawyers provide legal services in foreign languages.

English Speaking Lawyer

On the whole spectrum of services, which Law Firm Rubicon provides, the most demanded are: lawyer consulting; legal assistance; solving legal disputes; conducting legal investigations; mediation; help with incorporating and liquidating businesses; competent drafting and legal analysis of various acts, agreements, protocols; legal assistance in claiming the inheritance and solving all kinds of disputes.

Lawyer in Inheritance Law

Despite the considerable work experience, Law Firm Rubicon constantly continues to develop: every year we are opening new branches of our firm both in Ukrainian cities and in different countries abroad; our specialists, despite their long-lasting experience, are constantly attending trainings and take part in both theoretical and practical conferences aiming to increase their professional level; the doors of our business are always open to young and ambitious specialists, whom we help to become professionals; the world is changing and so do we: new laws, relations and spheres of activity continue to appear, so accordingly, the sphere of the services we provide is growing.


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